The next Mercedes S-Class will be packed with driving assistance features and shock prevention systems thanks to its impressive array of cameras, a mix of specs the carmaker has dubbed “Intelligent Drive”.

In addition to all the latest electronics, the 2014 S-Class will also feature a 360° line of sight thanks to a stereoscopic camera behind the windscreen and a half-dozen radars at the front and back.

The adaptive cruise control Distronic Plus system enables the driver to move with the flow of traffic at a low speed without working the pedals.

BAS Plus (Break Assist Plus) is another high-tech feature that can spot any obstacle (vehicle, pedestrian or animal) that gets in the car’s path, triggering the emergency braking system.

Most of the car’s tech is devoted to preventing accidents, such as the Pre-Safe Brake system, which can spot pedestrians at a speed of up to 50km/h and slow down accordingly to avoid running them over, while Pre-Safe Plus and Pre-Safe Impulse keep the car safe from collisions with other vehicles and start tightening seatbelts and slowing the car down so as to lower the risks if there is an impact.

Other innovative features include night vision, which can spot animals and pedestrians at a distance of more than 100m in the dark. Meanwhile, the new S-Class will rely only on LED lighting.

Another driving assistance feature ensures that the driver stays alert by tracking speed and lane management, alerting the driver if need be.

The new S-Class is still in testing phase and will be unveiled in 2013. In time, most of these assistance features should also be made available on more affordable Mercedes models.