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Meet the new Apple iPhone HD – Leaked Photo Gallery

Meet the new Apple iPhone HD – Leaked Photo Gallery

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Want a sneak preview of Apple’s new iPhone HD, before it is announced at Apple WWDC 2010 tomorrow by Steve Jobs? We just received the following Apple iPhone HD photos from an European insider at TBWA/Chiat/Day, Apple’s long time adverting agency, and a sign picture snapped at WWDC: Update: Sorry, we were victim of a very tricky hoax. We apologize! Stay tuned for WWDC 2010 today for the latest.

Featuring an updated design, the newly dubbed Apple HD (aka Apple iPhone 4G) will be offered in all white and all black. Additional advanced features include:

– Update to Apple iPhone OS with multitasking
– Advanced Apps Management
– Front-facing camera
– Camera with higher resolution
– Better battery life
– Video Chat and upgrade to iChat

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  • huh. it’s from a european, but the phone says ‘rogers’ (the canadian telco) on it? seems weird.

    also.. the kerning on the ‘iphone’ box text is strange – very spaced out. doesn’t feel right.

  • Totally photoshopped, why would they still be pushing the Compass app in promo materials with all that OS4.0 brings.

  • Fake – phone still displaying iPhone OS 3… The OS 4 has the same 3D dock look as the iPad.

    Pretty big detail to overlook when creating all these fakes.

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