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Meet the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Meet the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

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Watch out, Apple. The iPad finally has competition. Meet the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. The new Amazon tablet only costs $200, what an amazing price, is Wifi-only, and comes bundled with a 30-free trial to Amazon Prime. The 7-inch device will run a special Amazon version of Android, and include:

– free cloud storage
– eInk
– long battery life
– personal documents
– buy once-read anywhere

Amazon also has 1 million in-copyright books, and millions more in the public domain. However, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet doesn’t include a camera or 3G. Amazon also announced the $99 Kindle Touch, which they called a “smaller, faster” Kindle. “We’re going to sell many millions of these,” Jeff Bezos proclaimed. More details coming shortly….

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