We all know Maserati as a popular Italian manufacturer in the sports car segment. And we also know Bowers & Wilkins as British manufacturing house of extreme high-end audio products. These two very different companies have inked a deal for a unique joint venture. Named the Seven Notes, the joint project is about creating music out of the Maserati car engines sounds. Actually, there are seven different notes that are produced by every Maserati car engine and that is what gave the idea of undertaking a project so unique by the companies.

Both companies are known for their commitment towards innovation in technology and their engineering excellence that is quite evident in their respective niches. Therefore, the luxury of both coming together can be speculated very well by the audiences. As these companies move ahead with the great business partnership, they look forward to create new high-end car sound systems that would be created using expertise of Bowers & Wilkins’ audio engineering. These car audio systems will be exclusively designed for the Maserati cars that will hit the shelves sometime in 2013. Seven Notes is actually an innovative idea that will nurture the sweet relationship between the two exquisite companies. The music will be recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studio.