It’s huge. Bigger than expected. The Disney and Marvel Studios tentpole, directed by Joss Whedon, makes history in nabbing the biggest opening of all time in North America; globally “The Avengers” has earned a massive $641.8 million in 12 days.

It’s now official — Marvel’s The Avengers is a monster worldwide hit for Disney: pic assembled a four-quadrant audience in 2D, Digital 3D, RealD, and IMAX 3D theaters. Hollywood couldn’t be happier because it kicks off the all-important Summer 2012 movie season with sensational numbers. Avengers lived up to its billing as the ‘Superhero Team-Up Of A Lifetime’ by featuring all-in-one pic the iconic Marvel figures Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. – via Nikki Finke

Last year, Joss Whedon said at Comic-Con: “I have had a dream all my life and it was not this good.” …”This is The Avengers; a team is more than the sum of its parts — this cast is more than I could have ever hoped for … and I am going to blow it. I need your love; I need your support.” Joss certainly got love and support. Nicely done, Joss!