Martell House of cognac is celebrating its 300th anniversary and Diane Kruger has already raised a toast to it as she has been crowned as the ambassador for the cognac house’s 300th anniversary! The celebrations at Martell continue with the creation of the Tricentenary special edition called Premier Voyage. Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_1The oldest of the great cognac houses has also launched an immersive pop-up installation at Charles de Gaulle where travelers will be able to purchase the limited edition, which will be staged until 31st August.

Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_3The Tricentenary installation offers travelers an immersion into the Martell Art de Vivre inviting consumers to explore the true taste of Martell through multi-sensory experiences.  Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_2The ephemeral outlet hosts pre-bookable cognac and chocolate pairing sessions, an interactive ‘Discovery table’, and content from Martell’s archives.

Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_4The design of the pop-up is inspired by Martell’s Tricentenaire special edition cognac. The Premier Voyage, the most exclusive offering from Martell, is made with eau de vie dating back from 1868 to 1977 and rested in a barrel made of a 300 years old oak tree.

Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_5 Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_6 Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_7The Premier Voyage is a rare offering from Martell, available in limited quantities to travellers visiting the pop-up from 10,000€ ($11,250).

Martell_Tricentenary_Premier_Voyage_Pop-Up_8Martell Cognac Premier Voyage is a powerful, expressive, complex and masterful blend of 18 remarkable eaux-de-vie, including some of the oldest of the House. Martell_Premier_Voyage_Cognac_1The initial nose has very generous notes of candied peel, blackcurrant, honey and gingerbread. Swirling brings out the full elegance of old walnuts, dried fruit, apricots and raisins. In the mouth, the attack is both full and delicate, with generous aromas of candied fruit. A hint of blackcurrant then develops, complementing the rich and elegant aromatic range, underpinning a long finish of spice and beeswax notes.Martell_Premier_Voyage_CognacAll masterfully blended and aged in barrels made from the oak of a 300 year-old tree, specially sourced from the forest of les Bertranges in France.