Yahoo’s former boss Marissa Mayer is starting her own tech incubator that will focus on consumer media and AI, reports Bloomberg. Details of Mayer’s new venture, Lumi Labs, are scarce, according to The New York Times. The business, which Mayer is starting with a longtime partner, will be based out of Mayer’s first employer — Google — Palo Alto office.

“Coming back here, it reminds me of what Google felt like in those early moments,” Mayer told The Times.

She founded the tech incubator with Enrique Muñoz Torres, who was previously the SVP of Search and Advertising at Yahoo and Product Manager at Google.

“We have this little lab that we’re working on called Lumi Labs. In Finnish, lumi means snow, and I just love snow. I had a snowflake-themed wedding. We have some ideas in the consumer space. So I’ve been meeting with different founders and just seeing what’s happening in the industry,” Mayer added, sharing the origins of Lumi Labs.