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Male Model Andrej Pejic in a push-up bra ad

Male Model Andrej Pejic in a push-up bra ad

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Andrej Pejic stars in a new advertising campaign for Dutch department store Hema. The ads feature the androgynous, and stunningly beautiful, 20-year old male model wearing Hema’s “Mega Push Up Bra” under two form-fitting dresses. Hema, the company that hired Pejic, said in a statement on their website that the ad campaign demonstrates that even a man can gain curves with the use of the bra.

“Even men get a decolleté with this new mega push-up bra,” the statement says in translation. “That means that you with ‘totally nothing’ can go to a beautiful B-cup.”

And from the looks of the ad, the bra is capable of doing it. Pejic looks like real woman because of it. Using a male model for this bra is definitely a genius campaign from Hema. And Twitter agrees. One Twitter user wrote: “That HEMA campaign is brilliant: Andrej Pejic sporting a push-up bra?! If a man looks good in that bra, it must be good stuff.”

Pejic’s agent Joseph Tenni said: “It’s revolutionary. I’ve never known a man to do a womens’ lingerie campaign before”.