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Make Dad Swoon With This $4,000 Limited Edition 48 Year Scotch Whisky

Make Dad Swoon With This $4,000 Limited Edition 48 Year Scotch Whisky

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Not sure what to get to honor dad this coming Father’s Day? Try The Last Drop Distillers’ fourth limited edition bottling, a rare 48 year old blended Scotch Whisky.

It has all of the makings of the perfect present.

It’s rare: only 592 bottles of this rare blend were produced.

It’s old: the youngest malts and grains in the blend were distilled half a century ago, in 1965. Many are older, and some of the distilleries long since silent, making this a truly rare, luxurious Scotch whisky.

It has a story: 27 years ago, a small batch of the original blend was selected to be refilled into fresh Bourbon American oak casks for further aging. Since then, these casks have been nurtured, gently maturing, tucked away in a forgotten corner of one of the oldest traditional warehouses in Highlands of Scotland.

It’s potent: a pure, natural product, this wonderful Scotch whisky is meticulously hand-bottled, unfiltered, direct from the cask, at its natural strength of 48.6% alcoholic volume.

It’s beautifully presented: each hand-dipped bottle, together with its signature 50ml replica miniature, nestles in the creamy, soft suede lining of a hand-made, forest green leather case with a special secret compartment to store a notebook perfect for making tasting notes.

It’s delicious: this blend was unlike anything we’ve ever sampled, from its rich, chestnut color to its smooth yet refined flavor, which broadens with each sip, offering notes of ripe peaches and toasted oak.
At $3,999 a bottle, this is truly a one-of-a-kind whisky.

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