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Make Critical Hit D20 Ice Cubes

Make Critical Hit D20 Ice Cubes

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Now you can drink your Scotch like a true roleplayer. The Critical Hit D20 Ice Mold is a silicone mold designed to form a large, icosahedral block of ice with numbered sides. It’s available to purchase online at ThinkGeek for only $11.99.

ThinkGeek adds:

“Next time you’re making drinks for your gaming group, add a d20 to the mix with this Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold. We’re looking forward to filling it with something swirly to see if we can come up with something like our favorite dice. Fair warning: you’re going to need to either order a few of these or start making early, cause everybody at the table’s going to want one once they see your drink come out with a big ol’ d20 plunked in the middle.”

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