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The Magically Sliced Chair by Peter Bristol: The Cut Chair Project

The Magically Sliced Chair by Peter Bristol: The Cut Chair Project

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The Cut Chair is an interesting and intriguing furniture item designed by the Seattle-based artist, Peter Bristol. As the name already suggests it, the chair is not exactly…intact. Instead of having all four legs, the chair features only one “functional” leg. The other three look like they’ve been sliced off with precision. More than just an element of décor, a piece of furniture that adorns a living room or a chair that surprises your guests with its funny-peculiar design, the Cut Chair is a sculptural expression of art, adding value to any interior, a functional object and last, but not least, an item that seems to defy the laws of physics.

The thing with this chair is that you can actually sit on it even though the optical illusion created suggests you otherwise. You won’t look like a fool because it’s actually more solid than it shows. The secret? Peter Bristol, the designer, explains that beneath the rug there’s a plate. The functional leg serves as a reinforced beam. Practically, this leg stabilises the cantilevered seat. “A plate concealed by a thick carpet allows a robust cantilevered seat. Three well placed leg “stumps” and the chair looks as though it has just been magically sliced apart.” Curious about the price? Well, I have to admit it, it’s a little bit high ($5000), but hey, creativity doesn’t come cheap!

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