Jaclyn-Sienna-India-1As the term “luxury travel” continues to be defined and transformed, The Pursuitist is talking to the leading travel experts as they share the latest trends, innovations and topics in travel. Today, Jaclyn Sienna India, President of Sienna Charles, shares the emerging trends in travel that she sees on the horizon for 2014. As the founder of a bespoke travel agency that designs custom journeys to exotic destinations, here’s Jaclyn’s take on the latest luxury travel trends:

Cartagena, Colombia. Fabulous hotels, food and opportunities to explore remote beaches. There are amazing undiscovered little islands off the coast to explore as well.

Private jet travel. Perhaps the years biggest trend is traveling via private jet doing multiple destinations.

Mexico is back on everyone’s radar this year, especially Tulum!

Scandinavia is very popular in 2014. Clients are incredibly interested in the exploding food scene, design and fashion that are taking place there.

Africa. Always so much to offer in terms of culture, wildlife and sightseeing. Eastern Africa is becoming increasingly popular with amazing new infrastructure and fabulous excursions.

Multi-stop itineraries. This year luxury travelers seem to be taking advantage of layovers. We have done some fabulous short visits in places like Singapore en route to Bali. Or even LA en route to Hawaii. People seem to be interested in taking advantage of these kinds of stops.

– from Jaclyn Sienna India, Sienna Charles

George W. Bush and Jaclyn Sienna India at the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

Pictured above, George W. Bush and Jaclyn Sienna India at the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.