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Luxury Travel Trends For 2014: Pop Up and Culinary Experiences

Luxury Travel Trends For 2014: Pop Up and Culinary Experiences

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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6d1304caba3241ae7cddc147a486404bAs the term “luxury travel” continues to be defined and transformed, The Pursuitist is talking to the leading travel experts as they share the latest trends, innovations and topics in travel. Today, Deborah Thompson, Co-Founder of New Jetsetters, shares the emerging trends in travel that she sees on the horizon for 2014. With over 20 years experience writing about luxury travel and consulting with luxury properties world wide, here’s Debroah’s take on the latest luxury travel trends:

“If you’re looking for a “Hot Spot” in 2014, New Jetsetters see South Africa continuing to develop as an attractive luxury travel destination for the well heeled.

That said, one of the more interesting trends, which builds on the idea that luxury travelers are continuing to look for more “authentic” experiences, is the rise of the gastronomic holiday. It’s no longer about pulling out the “Michelin” guide; it’s about exploring and discovering regional cuisine and culinary traditions. We see a number of luxury properties offering cookery classes, wine tastings and even shopping trips to local farmers markets as a way to connect guests to the distinguishing characteristics of people and community.

The “Pop Up” experience is another trend that seems to be moving to center stage with affluent travelers. The “here today gone tomorrow” phenomenon that started out with small, intimate restaurants is spreading to include hotels and unique getaways in 2014. High-end travelers want to experience something “unique” and truly memorable: what better than a boutique retreat in Spain that will only operate for two months a year or five star dining on a private beach in Mexico for one week?”

– from Deb Thompson, New Jetsetters

Luxury Travel Trends For 2014: Pop Up and Culinary Experiences