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Luxury, Sustainability Can Co-Exist in Hotel Industry

Luxury, Sustainability Can Co-Exist in Hotel Industry

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Information from the first Sustainable Luxury Fair in Paris.

While financial and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, pioneers in hospitality are realizing that renewed abundance might just be found by marrying two concepts formerly considered incompatible—luxury travel and ecological responsibility. The idea that luxury can be profitable yet not wasteful was the theme in May at the world’s first Sustainable Luxury Fair in Paris entitled 1.618. The exposition’s name is the numerical expression of Phi, the Golden Ratio dating back to ancient Greek civilization as the most aesthetically balanced proportion in nature and mathematics. Adopting this philosophy, the event’s aim was to showcase products that are of the highest quality without depleting the ecosystem’s balance. Eco-tourism exhibitors presented the ways hotels are integrating sustainable practices into their operations and implementing strategies to lower its environmental impact without reducing revenues or luxury. – From Hotels Magazine