Undoubtably, Star Wars is one of the biggest phenomenons that (metaphorically) shattered our world in every possible way. At least, when it comes to marketing, it did. Since Star Wars became an industry itself, there are many companies that released (at a certain point) a line of products strongly connected to Star Wars. And since we are at this chapter, we can’t ignore the luxury limited edition of Star Wars watches, released by Seiko, the famous Japanese watch company. The collection includes six unique time keeping devices: four of which are analog, one is digital, and one chronograph.

Each of the six models of watches has a unique design, inspired by a different Star Wars character. One can choose from: Darth Vader model, Darth Maul, Yoda, Stormtrooper, C-3P0 or R2-D2. As a curiosity, all watches have a sapphire crystal, but anyway, that doesn’t necessary justify the price. Oh, the price! I have to tell you that none of these doesn’t come cheap (for each timepiece you will have to pay around $1,800). As you see, it gets quite expensive to accessorise yourself with a time piece like this. In the given context, I keep asking myself what would those who are true fans choose?!

Red-Star-WarsStar-Wars-Seiko Star-Wars-Watch- Star-Wars