The fashion it-girl, Lily Kwong, launched a new collection of accessories together with Cellairis, the company better known for providing trustful accessories, innovative and fashion-forward cases for mobile phones and tablets. The LK collection is the result of Lily Kwong’s passion for technology (as she grew up nearby Silicon Valley) and her glamorous personality. As she realised that most of her fashion-addicted friends didn’t have phone cases (or if they did, there’s was nothing to fit their gorgeous super-expensive outfits except ugly rubber-plastic cases).

The designer underlined the fact that nowadays the tech accessories (from smartphones to tablets) are in the front row. People tend to use them much more than before and they are part of our daily routine. People have the tendency to keep a permanent “availability” via phone or internet. Moreover, nowadays, it’s also about how sophisticated the phone is. Don’t underestimate it! It’s not just a gadget. It’s a tech-accessory, a status symbol. “The LK collection imagines tech casing like a piece of fine jewelry, or luxury handbag.” There are several cases you can choose from, depending on what you like. All of them are chic and inspired by Lily Kwong’s personal experiences. You can choose from 6 different iPhone 5 cases: The Jones, The Chloe, The Jon, The Lauren, The Karen and The Mira. Each of them costs: $449. Moreover, you can pair your case with special 18k gold bracelets, adorned with leather or Swarovski stones. You can purchase them from Lily Kwong’s website.