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Luxury hybrids: Cutting edge, or ahead of their time?

Luxury hybrids: Cutting edge, or ahead of their time?

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Great article from Boston on going green in luxury:

When Honda introduced its V-6 Accord Hybrid, both the marketing folks and public were confused. Weren’t hybrids supposed to be the ultimate ‘Econo Box?’ The Accord Hybrid was thriftier than the gasoline model, but it wasn’t a mileage miser. It was a performance car; unfortunately, only a few folks realized and appreciated that, and even fewer bought the concept. Now we have hybrids expanding across the automotive spectrum. Besides the strictly economy versions, you’ve got SUVs (Highlander and Lexus RX 400h) trucks (Silverado and Sierra 1500) and luxury vehicles (Escalade, Lexus LS 600hL). – from Boston

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  • I am happy to have purchased a 2006 Lexus IS-250. I was very dubious of hybrids and the cost of battery replacement when I purchased my IS-250.

    Possibly in the future the Hybrid batteries will be better and at the same time we may be able to charge up the batteries at night while in the garage on AC. We will see and in the mean time I will enjoy driving my Lexus IS-250.

  • Lexus is so far ahead of every other car manufacturer. You get a beautiful, elegant vehicle that has tons of power and less emissions. I believe a luxurious lexus hybrid is worth every…if not more.

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