Having a modern home means living in a luxurious, comfortable and carefully designed space. When it comes to accessories, these fantastic loudspeakers mix classic design and modern technologies in two mirroring designs. There is no reason to consider these modern speakers anything else but luxurious. Inspired by the 1956 iconic Eames Lounge Chair, these speakers help construct a modern, daring and elegant interior design.

Their curvacious shape, exquisite details and fantastic inspiration merge in an interesting display. Available for the price of $6,000 a pair, the speakers were designed by Davone Ray – and need an external amp/receiver. Impeccable design lines can easily be seen to adorn modern interiors, while the beautiful walnut finish stands out in a minimalist interior design. Made in Denmark, the loudspeakers’ inspiration and design is easily recognizable by those who have always admired the Eames Lounge Chair.