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The Multi-Purpose Portable Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan

The Multi-Purpose Portable Lumio Lamp By Max Gunawan

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Lumio is one of those simple, yet beautiful ideas, a lamp that stands out and makes an impression on whoever ends up seeing it. It’s not just an element of décor, but an innovative and poetic way to add (literally) a glimpse of light to your desk or nightstand. Before opening a book, open the book-inspired lamp. Lumio is simple and easy to use, especially “designed to provide the ease of using portable lighting with the performance of a high-end permanent light fixture.” The multi-purpose Lumio lamp was designed by the industrial designer/ architect, Max Gunawan.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

The major difference between Lumio and other lamps with crazy-creative shapes is that you can carry Lumio with you everywhere. The best thing about it? The design, of course, adapted  to a modern (and mobile) lifestyle. Moreover, it has durable water resistant Tyvek “pages” and it incorporates a high performing LED. You can use it for 8 hours without encountering any kind of problems. When it comes to charging, you can connect it to your computer via micro USB or you can simply use a regular USB charger. The mobile source of lighting can be pre-ordered from Hello Lumio and it will cost you $125.

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