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Louis Vuitton’s Final Foulard D’Artists Collection Launched

Louis Vuitton’s Final Foulard D’Artists Collection Launched

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Street art steps into the world of high-end fashion as Louis Vuitton collaborates with three graffiti artists to launch their third and final Foulards d’Artistes collection. The French brand’s relationship with street art began way back in 2001 with their association with artist/designer Stephen Sprouse. For 2014 spring/summer, LV has roped in three acclaimed street artists who have rendered their versions of iconic silk scarves.

Louis_Vuitton_Inti_sunInti, a Chilean street artist, has drawn inspiration from ancient Andean culture for his version, featured above. Glowing in energetic shades of sun, his design features a beautiful inspired motif of the face of Inca God Wiracocha.

Louis_Vuitton_Inti_sun_sqaureThe Sun Giant Square is available for $795.

louis-vuitton-André_graffitiParisian graffiti artist André who is renowned for his iconic ‘Monsieur A’ character, has designed the Louis Vuitton monogram scarf with cross and circle eyes superimposed over abstract paint splatters. Considering the piece of silk cloth as a canvas, the artist has managed to create a painting that can be worn as a scarf!

louis-vuitton-André_graffiti_shawlThe Mr. A Monogram Shawl is up for $935.

Louis_Vuitton_Kenny_Scharf_galaxyLouis Vuitton takes you out of this world with the silk square designed by Californian painter and sculptor Kenny Scharf. Featuring psychedelic design that highlights pop culture set in an intergalactic setting this rocking scarf will be a favorite with the youth.

Louis_Vuitton_Kenny_Scharf_galaxy_1The Cosmic Pop Giant Square can be wrapped around the neck for $795.

The last Foulards d’Artists collection also includes two new color variations of the Steven Sprouse 1987 graffiti leopard print. The whole collection will be available at Louis Vuitton stores from March 1. Each scarf from the collection will fly off the shelves for two reasons – an exclusive artwork as well as a functional scarf.

In past, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Ben Eine, Retna, and Aiko for such street art scarf collections. Foulards d’Artistes project invites selected artists from around the world to put their signature stamp on their iconic and much sought-after silk scarves.

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