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Louis Vuitton Unveils A U-shaped Beach House At 2013 Design Miami Fair

Louis Vuitton Unveils A U-shaped Beach House At 2013 Design Miami Fair

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Trust Louis Vuitton to give shape to a U-shaped beach house that was designed way back in 1934 by Charlotte Perriand. The La maison au bord de l’eau (read ‘house by the shore’) has been put together in Italy and then shipped to Florida to be unveiled at the ongoing Design Miami fair.

Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interiorExclusively created for the Miami Art Week, it is precisely located on the beach behind The Raleigh Hotel, 1775 Collins Avenue. The modernist house was conceived as an ecological holiday residence targeting well-heeled holiday makers. It was designed as a temporary shelter, to be mounted on the stilts and assembled by any water body side, to be taken apart when the need ceases.

Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interior_1Since its origin, the original beach house design has been brought to life by Louis Vuitton under the guidance of Charlotte’s daughter, Pernette Perriand-Barsac. Made-up from iroko and okoume hardwoods based on a stainless steel frame, the marine blue roof topped beach house is set atop short pillars that can be extended on demand. The open terrace of this minimalist house connects to living and dining rooms on one side and bedrooms and bathrooms on the other. The compact space has well placed functional furniture pieces which were also designed in the same era as the house. Each piece of furniture in the house is individually numbered and signed. A sneak peek inside this super fabulous holiday home shows a collector’s wall that displays natural found objects like coral fans and starfish, a large wooden tub strategically placed under the sail-inspired canopy, low slatted chaises, vintage stools and iconic Siège Tournant leather armchairs.

Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interior_2 Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interior_3The fashion house has also been inspired by the architect and furniture designer for its S/S 2014 Icons Collection which is also put up at a temporary location in the Miami Design District. WWD also states that the project will culminate in January with Perriand-inspired windows at Vuitton’s 468 boutiques worldwide.

Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interior_4 Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_rearMichael Burke, Vuitton’s chairman and chief executive officer, commented, “I don’t think it’s ever been done before. It’s a nice way of paying homage to one of the first modern designs of the 20th century.”

Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_interior_5 Louis_Vuitton_La_maison_au_bord_de_l'eau_private_viewing

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