London_In_the_skyPop-up boutiques and dining joints have become a norm. However a pop-up restaurant elevated at 100 feet in the air is coming to London.

London_In_the_sky_mainThe 10 day sky-high gastronomical event will raise the standard of out-of-the-world dining with London in the Sky. Right from breakfast to dinner, including the lunch, will be served by a team of five Michelin starred chefs. Events in the Sky will bring the London in the Sky to the capital in mid September. Open to the public, the unique sky table which will be suspended 100 feet in the air will be able to accommodate 22 guests at one go. A guest chef and a sommelier along with a waiting team will be at their service from the center of the table. A roof awing provides shelter from harsh sun, rain as well as wind.

London_In_the_sky_1The $84 breakfast flights will allow each guest to start the day with a healthy four course breakfast from up high. For about $340, a diner can book the lunch flight that will rise with a glass of Taittinger on arrival, three course lunch by Michelin starred restaurant and two glasses of hand chosen Villa Maria wines. As the sun sets down, the table will ascend to serve dinner for $420. It will allow the guest to raise a toast with a glass of Taittinger on arrival which will be followed by five course dinner by Michelin starred restaurant. Dinner also includes two glasses of hand chosen Villa Maria wines. Between lunch and dinner, guests can also avail the Taittinger flights. For $130, each guest will be served two glasses of Taittinger and a selection of canapés.

Lasting from 30 minutes to an hour, each above-the-ordinary meal time experience also takes care of the guests’ safety by fastening them to the seats with safety belts.

Dates: 12th-21st September 2014

Venue: Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf, E14 9SB

Events In The Sky