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LG to debut webOS-powered smart TV CES 2014

LG to debut webOS-powered smart TV CES 2014

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Electronics giant LG is set to unveil a new smart TV powered by webOS. The big debut will happen at January’s Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas. Currently, LG has a line of smart TVs powered by Google TV. The new line will use webOS, which was acquired from HP earlier this year. (WebOS was originally the property of the late Palm, which was bought by HP a few years ago.) Don’t be surprised if the webOS shows up on other LG products, including smartphones.

The original Palm webOS showed some promise when it was debuted, but it was a little late to the party.

The upcoming LG television is expected to have a 2.2GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM. We anticipate it will have apps as well, but it will no doubt take time for developers to get on board with a new OS.

LG has been mum on the TV’s details. The South Korean company is also set to release a 105-inch curved-screen television at CES.

The LG webOS television debut will underscore the failure of Google TV. The later device just didn’t catch on with consumers. Watch for other manufactures to jump into the ‘web TV’ arena in 2014 – including Apple. The tech giant have reportedly been working on an iTV for several years. Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO and visionary, reportedly said he had ‘cracked’ the code for a viable television.

The Consumer Electrics Show begins on January 7. Expect some exciting new gizmos to be leaked in the coming week.