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Lexus LF-C2 Droptop Concept Teased Before LA

Lexus LF-C2 Droptop Concept Teased Before LA

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Described as an “open-air” concept, the LF-C2 could well end up becoming a production model aimed at competing with the best that BMW’s M division has to offer.

At the moment, all that Lexus is providing is a very vague silhouette image ahead of the official unveiling on November 18, but the company is expected to start revealing more details about what to expect as the days pass.

Lexus did a very similar thing with the RC Coupe, which made its conceptual debut at the Tokyo motor show in 2013 but has gone on to be a fire-breathing, V8-powered sports coupe that can go toe-to-toe with a BMW M4 or a Mercedes C63 AMG — the standard bearers for the mid-sized sports coupé segment.

And the only thing that could make the RC better would be to take a can opener to its roof and let the outside in, especially if it’s a car designed to woo the crowds on the US west coast. After all, Los Angels is the reason why Ferrari makes convertible versions of its V12 GT cars. And, of course, BMW and Mercedes already have soft-top versions of their cars either already on sale or heading to the forecourt.