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LEVELS App is Taking Luxury to the Next Level

LEVELS App is Taking Luxury to the Next Level

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Founded in 2016 and capitalized with $7 million by German private equity investor Andreas WeishauptLEVELS identified that many processes in the Luxury Industry missed out on automation and are still the way they were decades ago.


LEVELS is a social network targeting the luxury consumer. After three years of development, thousands of merchants across the globe accept LEVELS as a form of payment allowing users to transact at venues without waiting to pay, whether at retail, restaurant, hotels or doctors.


Co-Founder Jonas Frey commented: “I always wondered why so many questions were still unanswered in the luxury world – like, how I can find the actual best venues of a city and not just the best priced and then also get availability there, how reviews can be matched from the level of the venue to that of the reviewer, why I still have to wait at rental car counters to present documentation, need to invest my time for flagging down a waiter at dinner to pay my bill or not being able to get that emergency Zegna dress-shirt at 10 p.m. All of that made me think – there should be an App for that!”



The platform takes an exclusive rather than inclusive approach to the business, while Piccolo clients (the lowest level user) may not even be allowed to request a reservation. Users who, for instance, hold the Contemporary Art Collector or Audemars Piguet Owner Badge can not only request a reservation but receive accessibility and attention benefits like guaranteed seating, welcome drinks or not having to wait to pay.


More than 2,000 venues are incentivizing the affluent consumer by offering benefits and discounts to user groups like local high-end residents. Some partnerships include The Cipriani group, Baccarat Hotel, Robert Cavalli and STK. Users can currently join over 200 digital country clubs, named ‘Badges’, like the Jaguar Classic Owners or the Beverly Hills Resident Badge if they submit information proving they are in possession of what is required to hold the respective badge. To see a sample profile, click here. 



Even though more than $1M have already been deposited by users to upgrade their status, anyone can join complimentary and make their way up in the ranks by spending on shopping, travel, restaurants and most other merchants touching the luxury customer’s life. For more information or membership: LEVELS