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Levante Chandelier – Let There Be Light With Candles

Levante Chandelier – Let There Be Light With Candles

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A chandelier is not only a source of illumination, but a well-designed one is also considered a symbol of luxury and status. The earliest candle chandeliers were used by the wealthy in medieval times. For today’s discerning users, De Majo has designed an elegant light fixture that also chases away darkness with real wax candles. Christened Levante, this Murano glass chandelier is made entirely by hand.

Levante_ChandelierThe Italian maker also offers the choice of replacing the candles with normal bulbs at the end of each arm. Bringing back the style of the Venetian tradition, Francesco Dei Rossi, the Art Director of the maison, has designed the chandelier by using ancient techniques. Aesthetically pleasing, Levante is adorned with delicate charms that dangle from the lower tier. Intricately designed glass leaves and flowers rise upwards to prettify the crown too.

Levante_led_ChandelierFashioned to strike a perfect balance between its Venetian origins and contemporary technology, this light fixture is also fitted with of LED lights that render a delicate radiance from the inside too. This highlights the precious handcrafting within a functional light which gracefully illuminates the surroundings. Breaking free of the traditional styles of other Murano glass chandeliers, this rétro chic creation seduces with elegance. Flaunting shades of gray and crystal, the chandelier is based on silver chrome finished frame. It is available with customization options of size, colour as well as the number of lights or candles. Standard size includes – 140 cm height x 130 cm diameter.

The pricing of this 35 kg, candle-cum-LED, Levante chandelier starts from $20,500.

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