Jerôme Coste’s new creation is reportedly inspired, in part, by Steve McQueen.

Inspired, we’re told, by an unusual combination of Steve McQueen, science fiction, mechanical beauty and the tradition of French luxury, Jerôme Coste created Ruby – a brand of distinctive accessories. His first collection comprised an open-face motorcycle helmet, the Pavillon, together with a range of silk scarves. It was an article on Tokyo biker gangs in a Japanese motorcycling magazine which first planted the idea of the Pavillon in Coste’s mind. Eye-catching in the extreme, the Pavillon has an almost retro design, but takes advantage of the safety benefits of modern technology: all Ruby helmets use carbonfibre to combine strength with low weight. While the ‘backbone’ of the Pavillon resembles a knight’s armour – the chrome strip around the edge and its steel coat of arms – the claret interior in nappa lambskin more closely suggests the aesthetic detailing on a luxury classic car. – From Classic Driver