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Last Day! Please Vote For Pursuitist

Last Day! Please Vote For Pursuitist

Pursuitist Luxury Best Luxury Blog

Today’s the last day to vote! USA Today has nominated Pursuitist Editor In Chief Christopher Parr as one of the top 10 luxury traveler bloggers for 2014. We’re honored by the nomination, and we’re in great company with Luxe In a City, Just Luxe, Kim-Marie Evans and A Luxury Travel Blog and many more. And this honor extends beyond Christopher, this includes fantastic travel reviews from McLean Robbins, Carrie Coolidge, Susan Kime, Stacy Steponate Greenberg, Paul Carr and more.

Please vote for Pursuitist as the Best Luxury Travel Blogger for 2014.

Help us out by clicking on the link and voting today, Monday, September 22nd before noon EST.

Since 2011, Pursuitist has become the leading luxury lifestyle blog – focused on curating the good things in life.

Pursuitist is a premiere luxury lifestyle journal created with trendsetters in mind, broadcasting the latest buzz on travel and more to inspire, educate, and be relevant in a fast-paced world. Pursuitists want to stay ahead of the curve and be authentic. Christopher Parr seeks to go beyond the bling, providing the ultimate source on what’s trending for affluent readers.