Chanel unveils its new campaign to promote Paris in Rome Metiers d’Art collection. Starring Chanel’s muse Kristen Stewart, the campaign has been lensed by the label’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. chanel_kristen_stewart_paris_2016Showcasing the pre-fall 2016 collection that debuted in December at the Metiers d’Art show in Rome, the campaign is scheduled to hit the news stands via June edition of the fashion magazines. The American actress, who has just turned 26, faces the camera as a seductive Italian actress in a Parisian apartment sporting pre-fall looks with hair tousled to give an idea of the period, an exposed shoulder and legs flaunting lace tights. To add a touch of authenticity, Lagerfeld featured his own Art Deco furniture by Louis Süe and André Mare at the large Parisian apartment which served as the location of the campaign.chanel_kristen_stewart_paris_2016_3Admiring the campaign’s face, Lagerfeld believes that Stewart is the perfect for the Chanel image of today. The fashion designer also quotes, “She is a real personality. I don’t compare her to any other actress and she is really modern, whatever that means. And I think that she is perfect for the Chanel image of today.

Kristen Stewart also declares her admiration by stating that Karl always provides an environment for a story to unfold and his guidance is felt and inspiring. She also adds, “Karl never turns me into something I’m not. But like all good directors, he is capable of bringing qualities out of people that are sometimes not as obvious to them.”