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Klout’s list of top 10 influential chefs

Klout’s list of top 10 influential chefs

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According to Klout, the most influential chef is US-based Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s tv show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, who generates actions and discussions with nearly every message, the group said in a blog post last week.

According to his score analysis, Zimmern influences 101,000 people online.

‘Klout’ is measured by a person’s activity on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, such as the number of followers and how much sway their tweets and posts hold.

A quick scan of his Twitter feed shows Zimmern sends out on average of between 30 to 50 tweets a day, many of which are shared by, what Klout describes as, a captive audience that hangs on his “every word.”

Zimmern also reacted to the title on Twitter, writing, “WOW. Big thx to my followers! You guys rock. RT @bizarrefoods: Our own @AndrewZimmern has been ranked the most influential chef on Twitter!”

While Zimmern held onto the top spot from last spring’s ranking, American food writer Mark Bittman, who contributes to the New York Times, is a newcomer, entering the list at No. 7 for tweeting out his favorite recipes.

Other newcomers include Jay Terauchi, a food consultant and blogger at website Kahuna of the Kitchen, and American Italian-food expert Mario Batali, who responds directly to his fans with restaurant recommendations and tips on how to pair ingredients.

Here’s Klout’s list of top 10 influential chefs:
1. Andrew Zimmern
2. Gordon Ramsay
3. Jamie Oliver
4. Anthony Bourdain
5. Giada De Laurentiis
6. Paula Deen
7. Mark Bittman
8. Jay Terauchi
9. Mario Batali
10. Tom Colicchio