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Kilburg Geochron World Clock

Kilburg Geochron World Clock

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Unlike conventional clocks, which indicate the time at one point only, the Geochron World Clock indicates the correct time everywhere. The Geochron World Clock actually moves as you watch. Ever-changing areas of day and night make a complete cycle every 24 hours and gradually changes shape with the seasons. All in vivid color, the Geochron World Clock looks like a framed Map of the World.

geochronThe Geochron World Clock is perfect in a business or home office environment. It eliminates the confusion caused by time conversation factors, the International Dateline, and the question of A.M. or P.M. involved in the use of a 12-hour clock. With Geochron, the entire world time situation is seen at a glance.

The Geochron World Clock automatically shows where on earth it is daylight or darkness at the moment the map is viewed. See sunrise, high noon and sunset as they happen around the world. Days of the week and dates of the month that prevail at any given instant are also shown. The Geochron World Clock’s mercator projection map moves slowly from left to right under the protective screen at one inch per hour. It completes the cycle in 24 hours just as the Earth does. It’s always high noon along the red longitude at the center of the map. This makes reading the clock simple, as it is always A.M. on the left hand side and P.M. on the right hand side. The left edge of the illuminated pattern indicates the moment of sunrise, while the right edge indicates the moment of sunset.

In addition to providing a worldwide overview of current time, Geochron can be manually moved forward to determine sunrise and sunset, and the hours of daylight at any locale on any future date. By following the zenith position of the sun, holidays or foreign trips can be planned for the most appropriate time of the year.

Each Geochron is custom built by hand. It is available in nine laminate finishes.

Cost is $1,800.

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