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Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts

Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts

An Affair of Style, Luxury, and Audacious Design with Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts. 

This luxury jewelry brand, cherished by the maestro himself, defined a new era in personal accessories. The mutual obsession between Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts was profound, contributing significantly to the fashion industry’s narrative and the designer’s personal style.

Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts

Origins and Rise of Chrome Hearts

Born in Hollywood’s heart in 1988, Chrome Hearts was the brainchild of a creative husband-wife duo, Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark. The brand championed a unique blend of biker and haute-goth aesthetics, instantly appealing to rappers, heiresses, and icons with attitude. However, among its ardent patrons, one stood out—Karl Lagerfeld. His design preferences were as distinct as his personality. Lagerfeld would choose a design movement and immerse himself in it fully, transforming his spaces and style into living embodiments of that aesthetic. His obsession with Chrome Hearts was no different.

Lagerfeld’s Affinity for Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts’ pieces dominated Lagerfeld’s jewelry collection. He adorned nearly every finger with their rings, frequently wore their sunglasses, and sported their necklaces—each piece adding to his inimitable style. His fascination for the brand was not merely capricious; it mirrored his vision of merging traditional luxury with contemporary design. Lagerfeld’s commitment to the Chrome Hearts aesthetic had a profound influence on popularizing the brand, a sentiment that Chrome Hearts reciprocated by featuring him on their magazine cover in 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts

Collaborations and Influences

Lagerfeld’s relationship with Chrome Hearts birthed memorable collaborations, the most notable being the creation of a limited-edition series of chairs in 2015. This project showcased the shared vision between Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts—blending functionality with unrivaled aesthetic appeal. Lagerfeld’s unique visual signature—a mix of haute couture sophistication and rocker-chic attitude—was heavily influenced by Chrome Hearts. The brand’s chunky silver rings, sterling silver chains, and precious stone ornaments added an edge to his couture creations.

Accessing Chrome Hearts Today

In today’s world, Chrome Hearts remains a beacon of luxurious audacity. Their pieces are available in high-end boutiques worldwide and through their online store. Must-haves from Chrome Hearts include their signature .925 sterling silver jewelry, leather bags, and eyewear collections, all encapsulating their legacy of superior craftsmanship and innovative design.


In the realm of style, luxury, and design, the fusion of Karl Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts stands as a rock-and-roll symphony, an anthem to the unconventional and the audacious. The bond between the designer and the brand was more than a simple affinity—it was a riveting dance of transformation and defiance against the predictable and the ordinary. This partnership was a saga of bold visions, enduring commitments, and the pursuit of an uncommon luxury that shook the foundations of fashion norms.

Together, Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts embarked on a sartorial journey that continues to inspire, reminding us that true style is as unique as the rhythm of our individual pulses. Their alliance, painted on the grand canvas of luxury fashion, has left a resounding echo—a call to embrace our aesthetics, challenge the status quo, and discover the beautiful paradox of unconventional luxury.

Reflecting on his own journey and persona, Lagerfeld once said in The World According to Karl: The Wit and Wisdom of Karl Lagerfeld, “When I was younger, I wanted to be a caricaturist. In the end, I’ve become a caricature.” This self-aware humor and perspective underline his understanding of the dynamic, transformative nature of style, as seen through his personal evolution and his partnership with Chrome Hearts.

Their shared journey, rooted in the rock-and-roll spirit of rebellion and distinctive elegance, serves as a testament to the power of individuality. It continues to reverberate through the corridors of style and design, inspiring us to craft our unique fashion anthem. This is the legacy of Lagerfeld and Chrome Hearts—a timeless ballad of audacious style and undaunted luxury, and a tribute to the rock-and-roll soul of fashion.