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Jump Aboard The 2013 Harrods Christmas Express Windows

Jump Aboard The 2013 Harrods Christmas Express Windows

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Harrods revives the golden age of travel by chugging in the Harrods Christmas Express in to its windows this season. Jump aboard the exclusively designed X’mas Express to celebrate the magnificence of 2013 Christmas.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_1Harrods and the steam train, both are iconic to the British and brings to life, the country’s love for grandeur lifestyle.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_2Each window from this year’s magical and creative theme brings to life one of their departments depicted as a scene from one of the carriages.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_3Calling out to all revelers to celebrate Christmas in true luxury style, Harrods is luring shoppers with everything from glamorous evening wear, leather accessories, dazzling jewelry and spectacular gifts as well. Don’t miss out the well-dressed mannequins paired along with their cute pets and assisted by handsome doormen.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_4The wheels keep rolling as the onlookers and shoppers keep pouring. The ongoing videos with landscapes in the background add a sense of motion too.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_5Pulling out all stops to attract shoppers, the windows are festooned with twinkling fairly lights.

The_Harrods_Christmas_Express_6Enthralling all visitors, the 2013 steam train themed setup ensures a mesmerizing fashion-filled journey. An enchanting travel-inspired window with loads of buyable attractions thrown in, guarantees a fun-filled experience to remember.