It was in the latter half of the 1800s when Alexander Walker gave luxury whisky a new dimension by introducing to the world the Old Highland Whisky. And today, Johnnie Walker Blue Label embodies the same two-century-old blending legacy, demonstrating the unparalleled art of blending the finest whiskies – the Alexander Walker way.

Taking this uniqueness forward, Johnnie Walker has introduced a special Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year; this being the Year of the Monkey. This unique white bottle is the third in the Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2016: Year of the Monkey series.


The images on the bottle represent the joyful characteristics of a monkey that seems to leap fearlessly from one side of the bottle to another. This leap demonstrates the jump of the fearless individuals or explorers into the New Year, with a feeling of glee and focus.

This special Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend comes in a white porcelain bottle which is highlighted with gold-enamelled mountains and rivers. The blend is priced at INR 17,800, approximately, and will only serve a limited number of connoisseurs.