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John Lennon Commemorative Pen by Montblanc

John Lennon Commemorative Pen by Montblanc

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German pen maker Montblanc has released the John Lennon Collection Writing Instruments. The release coincides with Lennon’s 70th birthday.

The collection consists of three editions, The Special Edition, Commemoration Edition 1940 and the Limited Edition 70. A portion of the sales from the Lennon collaboration will be distributed to selected cultural projects which support music education and the “John Lennon Education Tour Bus”, a US non-profit organization providing young people with the means to learn how to compose, play, performs, record and produce songs and music videos. Fine

‘The Special Edition’, encompasses the models of a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and roller ball.jl_se_familyspecialedit Montblanc has not released the number of pieces in this edition. The design is remenescent of early 60”s music, through a guitar neck, with tuning pegs detailed on the pens body. The gentle grooves chiseled into the black precious resin of the barrel inducing a vinyl texture. There are finely etched strings on the neck, while the platinum-plated plaque is engraved with Lennon’s famous self-portrait.

‘John Lennon Commemoration Edition 1940’, is limited to only 1940 pieces; the year of Lennon’s birth, is available as either a fountain pen or a roller ball and features a 925 sterling guilloche underlay with translucent white lacquer. The pen’s cone is engraved with the release date of “Imagine”: 02.10.1971. The rhodium-plated 18k gold nib bears the peace symbol.

‘John Lennon Limited Edition 70’, is limited to only 70 pieces; the upcoming age John Lennon would have been on October 9, 2010. The word “Imagine”, artistically rendered in a skeleton of 750 white gold, encircles the John Lennon Limited Edition 70. The blue tone of the transparent precious resin on the cap and barrel pays homage Lennon’s trademark accessory, his blue round glasses, a color nuance also seen in the set of blue sapphires on the “guitar neck” clip, alongside three diamonds that represent the chords of the song “Imagine”. The cone is a tribute to his instrument of choice for the song: the keys of a piano.