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Johan & Nyström, Stockholm

Johan & Nyström, Stockholm

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Johan & Nyström supply their beans all over Sweden, and they offer up a wonderful specialty coffee experience at their ‘concept store’ in Stockholm. Pulling shots on a Slayer, the coffee was really exceptional and the staff extremely keen. Whilst there, a regular open cupping session had begun, weekdays at 3:00PM. It was great to sit in the cafe and enjoy the view of the Probat and contemplate what coffee to try next. It’s not just espresso either – they also have Chemex, Symphon, Aeropress, drip, etc on offer. There’s also a huge variety of tea on offer – if you are so inclined. On Sundays the espresso machine rests and other types of coffee take the stage.

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Some photos via Flickr: ALifeWorthEating