Architects PCKO from London completed the original looking Jodlowa House in Krakow, developed in collaboration with MOFO Architects from Poland.

This magnificent glass house occupies a site of outstanding natural beauty on the outskirts of the city. The architecture approach was determined by the wish to protect and conserve the natural site, which is why the residence was built on pillars, giving the impression of a hovering home. Steel frames and floor to ceiling glass windows define the facade of the residence, allowing a large amount of natural light inside.

The interiors are spacious and display a lovely mix of materials, from steel to wood and stone. A covered pool is just one of the highlights of this Krakow home, characterized by elegance and originality. We welcome you to a virtual tour of this residence- housing a covered swimming pool, two bedrooms, 140sqm of living area and a five-story viewing tower- and we hope it will be a pleasant and inspiring one.