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Jimmy Choo XV Coffee table book

Jimmy Choo XV Coffee table book

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To celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary, Jimmy Choo has unveiled a beautiful coffee table book that embodies the glittery essence of the shoe company. “Jimmy Choo XV,” currently for sale for $95, looks back at the most iconic shoes from the brand’s past: including those strappy numbers worn by stars like Kiera Knightly, Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker’s on screen counterpart Carrie Bradshaw. “Around the office, we refer to the shoe styles as, ‘She,'” Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo’s co-founder wrote in the book’s preface. These fantastic shoes are even personified into characters that lead fabulous lives, “‘Glenys’ is attending an art opening before she hops the Eurostar back to London. ‘Macy’ is headed into hair and makeup before she hits the step and repeat. ‘Fleur’ has a board meeting this morning followed by lunch with her banker. Amongst the thousands of shoes that have been created, each has her own story.”

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