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Jean Paul Gaultier Adds Sparkle To Swarovski Store’s Windows In Austria

Jean Paul Gaultier Adds Sparkle To Swarovski Store’s Windows In Austria

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Jean Paul Gaultier collaborates with Swarovski to stage an exhibition of his works in the windows of the crystal maker’s flagship store in the capital of Austria. The French designer has dressed up the exhibition spaces of Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien and Innsbruck in his own inimitable manner which has resulted in a unique combination of art and haute couture.
Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_11Transforming the windows into a platform to showcase his signature style, the designer presents one mannequin in a wheelchair while other mannequins are displayed under the glare of neons, dressed in nothing but crystal and tattoos. 

Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_10Jean Paul Gaultier has also bought one of the most popular film stars and sex symbols of the 1950s back to life by putting up a mannequin version of Marilyn Monroe. With her uplifted dress, she is standing on a raised cube in her legendary pose from the film The Seven Year Itch.Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_9Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_6Apart from the display windows, the designer’s exhibition is also seen on the performance stage of the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Wien and in Innsbruck in the Chamber of Wonder.Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_1Displaying highlights from his recent haute couture collections on mannequins designed especially for each location, Jean Paul Gaultier states, “It’s nothing less than a love story with Swarovski. I feel like we already have children together and there are new ones to come.”Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_4He is making the best of, spaces within spaces, one of the architectural trademarks of Swarovski Wien.
Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_8 Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_5 Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_Wien_2 Jean_Paul_Gaultier_Swarovski_Kristallwelten_Store_WienJean_Paul_Gaultier_