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Is Apple music subscription service coming?

Is Apple music subscription service coming?

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Word is that Apple has an agreement in place with three of the big four music companies (EMI, Sony and Warner) – and the fourth (Universal) – is close. While this could simply be getting ducks in a row that would allow users to access their iTunes library from any device via a cloud system, there is rampant speculation that Apple will be offering a paid subscription service as well. The move would let users, for a flat fee, access any music they want on their digital device – a ‘jukebox in the sky’.

The move would stake Apple at the front of the pack with regard to all the major music label libraries being available to a user. Past attempts by other entities have failed due to lack of participation by one or more of the big four.

The move would also give the music labels a chance to re-invent their business, which has floundered over the past decade due to piracy, and the simple fact that users don’t need to buy ‘albums’ anymore – but can simply pick their favorite tracks.