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iPad coming to Target

iPad coming to Target

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In a move to further entrench the iPad as the standard of tablets, Apple and retail giant Target announced they will begin selling the device.

All six versions of the iPad will be available at all Target stores beginning Oct. 3.

The news comes on the heels of Best Buy getting into the iPad game. The electronic retailer will start selling the iPad on September 26.

Target also sells Amazon’s Kindle – a rival to the iPad.

The iPad’s infiltration into major retailers will work to Apple’s favor as consumers will be able to get hands on with the product. This will become increasingly important when new tablets start hitting the market (some as early as next week).

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  • I’m glad Apple is going to let it’s product go head to head with other’s such as Kindle, at mass retailers. While I know that Apple devotees will purchase just because it’s an apple, some kindred spirits out there like to touch, play and compare. I love my Ipod and am ready for my Iphone 4, but I’m still on the fence about a tablet/e-reader and going to Best Buy or Target to play will certainly help me decide.

  • I agree with Jan on this one. It’s great to see Apple so eager to get their product out to as many as physically possible through a wide range of marketing tactics, as opposed to their usual reluctancy to allow anyone to sell their products. Now, soccer moms who run into Target will be met with a gorgeous display and a useful app for all the errands they are running. Cha-ching!

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