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IOMA Villa Spa, Paris

IOMA Villa Spa, Paris

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I have to make a confession. Paris Fashion Week was not the only reason why I came to Paris this week. There is something else I have been waiting for… It’s my visit at the IOMA Villa Spa. After getting introduced to the innovative skincare brand a few months back in Los Angeles as they were launching in Saks Fifth Avenue (you can read my coverage for that here), I have been dreaming about a facial that the founder, Jean-Michel Karam himself told me about. “You will love it, you have to come”, he said. So as soon as I got in to Paris, I emailed him and he was kind enough to set up an appointment for me. We met for lunch after and I could not stop talking about the amazing service, my sweet esthetician and of course the incredible technology that was used to determine my skincare needs. “We really want to make sure you leave happy, relaxed and with a whole new understanding of your skin”, Mr. Karam explained.

Just around the corner from the beautiful Champs-Elysées, IOMA Villa is at the heart of Paris. There, I was welcomed by the manager Nelly, who brought me fresh squeezed orange juice and an assortment of French macarons. (Only in a French spa do you get macarons!). When she made sure I was filled up and happy, she introduced me to my esthetician Marine who explained to me in detail what type of methods she will use to determine what my skin really needs. Using unique skin imaging techniques, she was able to walk me through every category- my skin’s bacteria levels, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, UV damage and oiliness. She then preceded to create a customized facial that targeted what my individual skin concerns were. After my relaxing facial and finger pressure and reflex points massage, I was given another diagnosis which showed major improvement in my skin. Talk about modern efficacy!

IOMA Founder Jean-Michel Karam who has invented 50 patents and who’s company has won a dozen international awards, says IOMA is one of his most passionate projects to date. “We don’t guarantee results because of some one magical ingredient. Our product is backed up by many years of research and developed to achieve results in a new, innovative and never before seen way.”

As I left to rush of to my next show, I touched up my lipstick and smiled. Today, no other cover up is needed. My skin was glowing naturally, all thanks to IOMA Villa and their groundbreaking products. Of course the macarons might have also had something to do with that luminosity, at least I would like to think so…

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IOMA Villa Spa