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IOMA looks to raise high-end skincare bar with technology-based Youth Booster product

IOMA looks to raise high-end skincare bar with technology-based Youth Booster product

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Parisian brand IOMA is pushing the barriers of the high-end skin care with Youth Booster, what it claims is the first embedded-technology skincare product.

IOMA is positioning Youth Booster, part of the Beauty Pro line, as the ultimate personalized anti-aging skincare used to moisturize, detoxify, regenerate and protect skin. This product boasts a Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor right on the bottle cap that detects the level of skin hydration. The level of skin moisture indicates how often users apply the cream per day.

The sensor is pressed against skin and displays one to six LED lights, with one being the most moisturized and six being the least moisturized. If the sensor reads one, two or three lights, users should apply the cream once per day; if four, five or six dots light up, they should apply twice per day.

What’s interesting about this product is that it reacts to the elements that skin comes into contact with changes every day – such as sun, wind or a person’s diet – so users have to check every day to see what condition skin is in, and use the product accordingly. The state of skin’s hydration also speaks to the bespoke nature of this product line.

“Many brands think they’re unique because they have that one special ingredient, but everyone says that they have one special ingredient,” said Jean Michel Karam, CEO and founder of IOMA. “We’re much more than that, since we have evidence to back up our products.”

All IOMA products are identified by numbers 1-7: dry skin and UV damage, fine lines, wrinkles, diffuse redness, bacterial infections, oily skin and dark spots, respectively. As such, Youth Booster is part of No. 3, which addresses wrinkles and lack of skin firmness.

IOMA prides itself on being technology-based, not just ingredient-based. This technology is what allows it to be personalized for each user. It is paraben-free with the highest concentration of active ingredients to generate measurable results.

Karam, a scientist and entrepreneur, has over 50 patents, including MEMS. This technology, which is used in all IOMA products, ensures that consumers get the correct results every time.

Another of IOMA’s products, Bespoke Youth Rituals, starts with consumers being scanned by a patented device at an IOMA counter. Brand pros then measure elements of users’ skin including oil, skin firmness, pigmentation and sun damage and, based on the scan and the answers to a few questions, consumers get their own personalized day and night creams that are designed specifically to improve their skin.

The idea of technology behind IOMA’s products is that it is not just assumed or implied results; this brand’s products are evidence-based and consumers can actually see the products working to repair and keep skin healthy-looking.

“IOMA applies technology to dermatology and skincare through the superior products that are exclusively and custom-formulated for each individual,” Karam said. “Users can see the difference every single day.”

The entire IOMA product line is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, with Youth Booster launching in September.


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