Forget the routine, try something new

With a suggestive name and an intriguing structure, the Mini Egg House (blob VB3) is a project designed by dmvA for those who are brave enough to test a different type of office experience. In other words, the egg-shaped structure is a mobile office that allows you to explore different places and yet, keep yourself connected to work. As we already know it, the work environment has a great influence on your performance. The more comfortable you feel, the greater the results.

Although it functions as a transportable office, blob VB3 can be also used as a guesthouse or a comfy garden house. The unconventional space consists of a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed and some niches for storage. “The egg” can even be opened, establishing a better connection with the outdoor. Once the nose opens automatically, it functions as a porch. The structure was entirely built from polyester. In case you wanted to make an impression with your office/ guesthouse, this is definitely the type of item that can help you stand out from the crowd. How do you find it?

Egg-Shaped-House Mobile-OfficeOffice-DetailsInteriorSleeping