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Interview with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine

Interview with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine

Non-invasive body contouring can be hard to figure out. CoolSculpting®, Zerona®, Ultrashape®, TruSculpt™, LipoSonix®, SculpSure®…you need a PhD just to figure out the different types of treatments.


What all of the above treatments have in common is that they are non-invasive body contouring.  What that means? No traditional surgery. No downtime. You could go in on your lunch break for a session and head back to work right afterwards. The non-invasive body contouring refers to the process of treating fatty deposits, cellulite, and loose skin on the body using FDA-approved machines to destroy fat cells, break up cellulite, and tighten skin.



I headed to the Upper East Side to the posh office of Dr. Jennifer Levine to try out SculpSure. Dr. Levine is one of only a few surgeons who are double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery – giving her a unique knowledge of the face and its underlying structures.  Her office was one of the first offices to offer SculpSure, and her techs are knowledgeable about the science behind SculpSure and make sure you are comfortable during the treatment.


Fresh off a launch event the night before with Brooke Shields, I was greeted by a friendly, welcoming staff. After some quick admin, I was photographed and seated in a chair similar to the dentist office chair (with better leather) and in 25 minutes, I was walking out the door to my next appointment. No pain. No mess. The convenience and ease of non-invasive procedures really is true. We sat down at chatted with Dr. Levine about all things SculpSure, body image, trends and more:



Pursuitist: What trends are you seeing in your office this season?

Dr. Levine: Body really is the new face – many of my patients are looking to make changes to their body in non-invasive ways, and I typically rely on combinations of treatments to get the best results for my patients. One of the techniques gaining popularity and delivering great outcomes is using biostimulatory fillers in a more dilute form in the body to help improve skin quality and texture.



Who are the typical clientele for WarmSculpting treatments? 

 My WarmSculpting patients are very informed, when I see them most have already done their research and know that WarmSculpting treatments are the best body contouring treatments for them and their lifestyle. They are usually body conscious men and women who are already living a healthy lifestyle and are looking for that added boost to address stubborn pockets of fat that haven’t responded well to their healthy diet and exercise routine.



What is the biggest misconception about WarmSculpting?

There are actually a few I’ve heard and would love to clear up:

    1. Body contouring confusion. While this isn’t necessarily a misconception, it’s definitely a question I get asked a lot about the category in general. It’s important that patients know WarmSculpting is non-invasive, laser-based technology that destroys the treated fat cells for good without surgery or any downtime!
    2. It’s only for the stomach. This isn’t true! The SculpSure device is FDA cleared to treat much more than just the abdomen – in addition to the abdomen, we can treat the flanks (also called love handles), back, and inner and outer thighs. Plus, WarmSculpting Profile treatments are specifically designed to treat the submental area, or double chin.
    3. There’s serious downtime. Totally false! These treatments are completely non-invasive and require no downtime at all, patients can pop in and get treated during their lunch breaks and then happily head right back to the office! If patients do report side effects, they’re mild and don’t interfere with day-to-day activities, like temporary tenderness, swelling or tissue firmness in the area treated.
    4. The treatments are time intensive. Not at all. Each treatment lasts only about 25 minutes per area, and in that time we can destroy up to 24 percent of treated fat cells without surgery or downtime! Note: Optimal results are generally achieved through a series of treatments.


Do you have any follow-up care advice after WarmSculpting?

One of the greatest things about WarmSculpting treatments is that there isn’t significant after-care required. With some other body contouring options that leverage cooling technology instead of heat, patients will often need either an immediate massage or a treatment on another device to help break up the fat cells we’ve frozen. On the other hand, with WarmSculpting treatments, that second in-office step isn’t necessary, which is great for patients who have a hard time tolerating that massage, as it can sometimes be quite painful depending on pain tolerance, and requires more time at the practice! While our WarmSculpting patients can leave immediately after the treatment, for optimal results, we do recommend they massage the treated area themselves at home and drink lots of water to help their bodies flush out the fat cells.



What was your best success story?

I’m proud to say I have many of them, but a couple definitely come to mind! One of my patients had a pair of skinny jeans in her closest (from high school!) that she desperately wanted to take out of retirement – and she was so close, but was looking for a little extra oomph to get her to the finish line. After her WarmSculpting treatment series she sent me a photo of herself proudly rocking those jeans…and she looked fantastic!

Another memorable story involves an entire bridal party I treated – a beautiful bride along with her bridesmaids, who all planned to wear some pretty form-fitting dresses on the big day. All the ladies received WarmSculpting treatments and then they sent me the wedding photos with a ‘thank-you’ message, so sweet!

It is so rewarding to feel like my work is giving my patients that extra boost of body confidence I know they work hard for and deserve!

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Note: SculpSure Treatment was complimentary.