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Inside Ralph Lauren’s First Restaurant In New York City

Inside Ralph Lauren’s First Restaurant In New York City

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After wowing New York City with its first Polo flagship, Ralph Lauren is all set to open it first New York restaurant. Located close to the brand’s Midtown flagship store, the new Polo Bar by the American designer will open its doors on 1 East 55th Street and Fifth Avenue. Scheduled to open by the end of this year, which is going to happen pretty soon, the Polo Bar sports club-like ambiance. As described by New York Time, it glows with amber light and is dense with equestrian paintings and trophies, rendering a country club like feeling.

Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_ New_York_4Intending to satiate the American taste buds, Polo Bar will serve burgers, steaks, corned beef sandwiches, crab cakes and cater to about 180 diners at one go. The 75 year old designer-turned-restaurateur sums up the offerings by stating, “The food you’re going to come here for is really the best I can do. It’s not about a fancy chef.”

Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_ New_York_2Encapsulating his ideas and ethos in shaping up his latest American eatery, Ralph Lauren stated, “It’s tradition with flair. It’s not just tradition.” He also added, “I’m about longevity, I’m about timeless. It was not my idea to be trendy. I don’t want to be the hot restaurant. I want to be the restaurant you want to go to twice a week.” He also asserted that the Polo Bar would not be a formal restaurant and hinted that he might not even turn a diner away if he shows up in a t-shirt and shorts.

Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_ New_York_5Though it’s his first in New York City, Mr. Lauren has already got people eating up his sleeve by opening Ralph Lauren restaurant next to the brand’s Chicago flagship on Michigan Avenue. He has also got the Parisians drooling at his eatery on Boulevard Saint-Germain. However New Yorkers have already got a taste of his style and flavour with the opening of Ralph Lauren Coffee on the second floor of the Fifth Avenue flagship store.

Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_ New_York_6 Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_ New_York_7 Ralph_Lauren_Restaurant_ Polo_Bar_burger_ New_YorkNew York Times