Oprah Winfrey, best known for hosting her own internationally popular talk show, has recently spent $14 million on a ski home in Telluride, Colorado.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_homeThe American television host who is also an actress, a producer, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur has purchased the estate that boasts of a 56-foot-long wine mine which looks like a mining tunnel fitted with an antique ore cart. This chilled, humidified room renders sound effects like moving through a mine shaft and lights that are computerized to flicker like a lantern would in a mine.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_11Located on 3.25 acres on the Mountain Village, the 8,700-square-foot furnished mansion exchanged hands from tech entrepreneur Bob Wall to the 61 year old media mogul.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_1 The five bedroom, six and a half bathroom home also features an office, a theater room, seating area, kitchenette as well as a a three-car garage. oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_2Other notable features include a mud room, a seven-person hot tub, a sauna, a guesthouse and a turret-style tower with 360-degree views.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_3While an observation deck 35 feet above ground includes a fire pit, a faux mining car connects the mansion to a ski trail.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_4Other high-tech features include a system that allows plants to be watered remotely, a driveway heater to melt snow, a limestone bathtub that maintains water temperatures.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_5 A glass walkway fitted with color-changing, fiber optic lights connects the office and the master bedroom.oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_6oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_7oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_8oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_10oprah_winfrey_colorado_ski_home_12Los Angeles Times Via Zillow