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Inside Delta Sky Club’s New BOS-E Lounge

Inside Delta Sky Club’s New BOS-E Lounge

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Inside Delta Sky Club’s New BOS-E Lounge

Anchored in History, Boston’s Nautical Splendor Meets Modern Luxury.

Boston’s illustrious maritime heritage sets the stage for the newest Delta Sky Club lounge at Boston-Logan Airport. Situated in the heart of the city’s vibrant landscape, the BOS-E Lounge isn’t just a waypoint for travelers; it’s a journey through time that blends the historic charm of Boston Harbor with the sophistication of the 21st-century skyline.

Design and Aesthetics

Inspired by the very harbor that it overlooks, the BOS-E Lounge boasts an enviable 21,000-square-foot space, seamlessly merging modern design with maritime elements. The washed oak motif pays homage to the rich patina of weathered ships, inviting guests to relive the adventures of the mariners of yesteryear. As they navigate through the Club, visitors are greeted by spaces that echo the elegance of classic sailing vessels, marked by arches of wood and metal that delicately partition the vast expanse into intimate niches. The palette, a serene blend of navy, teal, and terracotta, mirrors the iconic Bostonian brick structures set against the shimmering harbor during sunset.

Inside Delta Sky Club’s New BOS-E Lounge

A Toast to Luxury

At the heart of the Club lies its pièce de résistance: the premium bar. Draped with a champagne-toned mesh ceiling, it spotlights a captivating backlit beverage display. Here, guests can indulge in Delta Sky Club’s signature fare, while also treating their palates to regional delights like the hearty New England clam chowder and the nostalgic Necco candy wafers.

Function Meets Refinement

Catering to the myriad needs of its patrons, the lounge offers varied seating arrangements, from cozy nooks to professional phone booths ensuring privacy for business calls. Washroom facilities are thoughtfully designed, prioritizing comfort and privacy with features like a family room and five luxe shower suites.

As stewards of the future, Delta ensures that luxury doesn’t come at the expense of our planet. Proudly flaunting its LEED-Silver certification, the Club stands as a testament to sustainable luxury.

A Unique Experience

According to Claude Roussel, the Managing Director of Delta Sky Club, each lounge is a world in itself, but the BOS-E Club is truly unparalleled. “We aim to offer more than just a space; it’s an experience, a testament to the care, hospitality, and curated design that our ambassadors provide,” he states.

Hours and Connectivity

The E Concourse Club welcomes guests from 1:30-10:45 p.m., with a slightly earlier closure on Wednesdays. This expansion further cements Delta’s position as Boston’s premier global airline, offering a plethora of destinations from the historical city of Rome to the beachy expanse of Cancun.

For those exploring domestic landscapes, Delta ensures seamless connectivity to Boston’s most sought-after destinations and beyond, recently amplifying its reach to iconic cities and summer getaways alike.


Delta’s BOS-E Lounge isn’t just another waypoint; it’s an experience, a blend of history, luxury, and utmost care that promises to make every journey memorable. Embark on a journey where Boston’s rich nautical history meets the epitome of modern luxury.

Inside Delta Sky Club’s New BOS-E Lounge

Your Entry to the Exclusive: Navigating the Delta Sky Club

Stepping into the Delta Sky Club is akin to entering a sanctuary of luxury and serenity amidst the bustle of an airport. Here’s a guide to ensure a smooth entrance and a memorable stay.

Entry Eligibility:

  • Delta One Passengers: If you’re flying on a Delta One international ticket or a domestic Delta One ticket on a nonstop coast-to-coast route, you have complimentary access.
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Members: Enjoy complimentary access when flying on a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member.
  • Delta Sky Club Members: If you have an Individual or Executive membership, you can enter the lounge.
  • American Express Cardholders: Those with select Amex cards (like the Platinum Card®) can gain complimentary access when flying on a Delta-operated flight.

Maximizing Your Experience: The Points Genius Way

Points, Rewards, and SkyMiles: One of the best ways to experience the Delta Sky Club is by capitalizing on Delta’s robust SkyMiles program. If you’re a frequent flyer, those miles can accumulate rapidly, unlocking a myriad of benefits. Here’s how to elevate your lounge experience, the Points Genius way:

  • SkyMiles Credit Cards: Using Delta-branded credit cards can earn you extra SkyMiles with every purchase. Some cards even offer complimentary or discounted Delta Sky Club access as a benefit.
  • Promotions & Bonuses: Always keep an eye out for promotional offers. Delta often has bonus mile campaigns that can boost your points balance significantly.
  • Partner Offers: Delta has a plethora of partners, from hotels to car rental services. By leveraging these partnerships, you can earn SkyMiles without even flying.
  • Tiered Benefits: The more you fly with Delta, the higher the Medallion Status you achieve. Each tier offers enhanced benefits, including faster points accumulation and better lounge access options.

Become a Points Genius: To truly maximize your rewards:

  • Educate Yourself: Stay updated on the SkyMiles program’s latest rules and opportunities. Bookmark Delta’s official pages, join forums, and follow blogs dedicated to travel hacking.
  • Strategic Booking: Sometimes, flying on specific routes or during particular promotions can earn you bonus miles. Plan your trips around these opportunities when feasible.
  • Points Pooling: Combine SkyMiles from family or friends to unlock premium rewards faster. Some restrictions apply, so always check the program guidelines.
  • Redemption Wisdom: Be savvy about how you redeem your points. Sometimes it’s wiser to save up for an exclusive experience rather than spending them as soon as you can.

The world of points and rewards is vast and continually evolving. By staying informed and making strategic choices, you can ensure every trip is punctuated with luxury, epitomized by experiences like the Delta Sky Club. Here’s to smart travel and becoming a true Points Genius.