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Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Crossover Unveiled

Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Crossover Unveiled

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Infiniti has revealed its fastest ever vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a crossover designed with the help of Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel. The Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version is a tweaked version of the Nissan-owned brand’s V8 FX50S Premium, with additions including improved power, lower weight, a derestricted top speed and stiffened suspension.

The changes have transformed the FX into what Infiniti describes as the ‘most exclusive crossover ever made’, with a top speed of 300km/h.

Much of the speed increase was made possible by significant changes to the aerodynamics and weight of the model, which rides 20mm lower than a standard FX and boasts a five percent reduction in drag, while boosting downforce by some 30 percent.

“I drive a lot in Germany on motorways that have no speed limits and have enjoyed my FX around the Nürburgring Nordschleife,” commented Vettel at the launch.

“Driving at high speed where safe and legal is part of my life. As well as a higher top speed I wanted even better stability in my FX, and that meant work on the aerodynamics.”

Like many of the features, many of the body tweaks were inspired by Formula 1, with carbon being used for the splitter, sills, front grille, mirror covers and rear diffuser, trimming weight by 46 kilograms to just 2049 kilograms.