Humans Since 1982, the Stockholm-based studio, designed this amazing installation, A Million Times, showcased in 2013, March, at Design Days Dubai. The intriguing item features 288 analogue clocks and 576 motors which drive each minute and hour hand independently. The installation is made of aluminium and it’s wrapped in a white material, but what’s really impressive is the choreography of the clocks. Each clock rotates individually, but they can also be synchronised with ease, one to another, using a software. “Locked in its functionality to show the time, the natural character inherent to an analogue clock – with its two arms constantly dancing in slow motion around the center – unveils hidden figurative qualities without denying its primary purpose.”

The cutting-edge installation displays texts, patterns, graphics and time. It measures almost 3.5 meters wide and it’s the studio’s greatest accomplishment, after a several other “time-related” projects (such as “Clock Clock” or “6at6”).